B’siyata Dishmaya

A clear and refined artistry rises from among Jerusalem’s alleyways. This is a craftsmanship which originates from the spring of the heart and is like a soft caress in the heart of the viewer. This is real art, untouched by a computer and isn’t a copy of another work of art. This is personal and original artistry of three women who paint together under one roof, and experience the joys of painting together with one another. Sari, Brachi & Nechama, three women who have studied for many years under teachers with academic degrees, and still continue to learn, to add to their tools and acquire secrets in the art field.

When Sari Lantzatzky, Brachi Brillowsky and Nechama Shayish paint together, they include one another in observations that arise during the painting process, they become enriched and sharpen their artistic senses. The atmosphere which is loaded with artistic talk, reinforces their recognition of the power in the creation, and fortifies their connection to the One Who Created the world and creates is anew each moment. He is the One who has granted them with the talents and the opportunities to produce copies of the wonders of nature. Sari Lantzatzky specializes in portraits and Judaic art, but does not stop there and her paintbrush extends into additional areas with great success. Sari has very specific parameters, and she uses modern techniques of various types which attract the viewer’s eye.

Brachi Brillowsky tends towards the abstract modern style in Judaic and other areas, She projects the color onto fabric and produces a beautiful painting out of nothing. Her paintings are fascinating because they contain something beyond the visible object, and this invites the viewer to contemplate the picture on a deeper level. Nechama Shayish is an experienced artist. She specializes in a range of techniques in a modern abstract style; she lately has advanced to combine her unique style with an intangible style. She paints Judaic art and also paintings which portray an atmosphere. In all her paintings, a expansive imagination combined with various techniques can be recognized. The paintings of Sari, Brachi and Nechama, have been displayed in both private and group galleries in Israel and abroad. The paintings have made them famous overseas too, and they are sold in exclusive galleries to residents of Israel and others.

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